Our consulting arm offers bespoke services to Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs), Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and Portfolio Management Services (PMS) for their structure setups and undertake registrations, operations, and compliances.

We leverage our expertise and employ a tech-first approach to manage an array of clients across the globe. Our current Asset Under Administration (AUA) is approximately USD 700 million.

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At Dovetail Capital, we’re committed to offering advice on fund domiciliation, structure, fund accounting, counterparty appointments, taxation, and compliance services.

Our consulting business has been designed to take over the back office of AIF, PMS and FPIs. We possess the know-how to register your fund in various jurisdictions – be it UK, USA, Singapore, Cayman Islands, Mauritius, Luxembourg, or anywhere else in the world. We set up FPIs, AIFs and PMSs for investments, ensure your fund is tax registered locally, and work ‘round the clock so that all operations run smoothly and error-free.

Be it KYC processes for compliances or GAAR (General Anti Avoidance Rule) for offshore funds – the aim is to leverage our rich regulatory knowledge optimally to help our clients achieve their goals with relative ease.

Furthermore, our compliance services have been crafted to unriddle the complexities of investing in India and abroad, making it a straightforward, uncomplicated experience for you.

Make you foray into the fastest growing economies of the world

Our expertise makes us well-equipped to handle the technicalities involved in investing anywhere in the world, granting you exclusive access to processes, solutions, and services that are best in class.

Be it raising funds, deciding an optimal investing option, and everything in between, with us, you’re in safe hands.

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Why Dovetail Capital?



Optimal Geography Selection for fund domiciliation

Singapore, Luxembourg, Ireland, Mauritius, Cayman Islands, GIFT city and Delaware

Optimal Geography

Registrations across the globe for fund raising

US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore


Evaluating and appointing counterparties

Lawyers, admins, brokers, auditors, custodians, CPAs and bankers


Holistic understanding of compliances



Drafting applications (AIF and PMS)


Liaising with SEBI for applications


Evaluate and appoint counterparties (Trustees, auditors, custodians,fund accountants)


A one-stop-shop for all your operational and compliance needs

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