Welcome to Dovetail, where we work with you to unriddle the complexities involved in investing in India and global markets. Through bespoke and digitized services, we help you with fund domiciliation, fund structure, fund accounting, counterparty appointments and compliance services to empower your fund setup journey every step of the way. Our goal is to render end-to-end Fund Administration services required to set-up asset management companies and funds - whether at GIFT City, within India, or across the globe.

Backed by local regulatory understanding, global expertise, and curated best-in-class technology, our comprehensive range of services is devised to enable and smoothen the process for easy structural and regulatory set-ups, top-to-bottom local and international compliance solutions, operationalization, and beyond.

Our Services


With decades of administrative manpower expertise under our belt, Dovetail is well-equipped to be the catalyst that accelerates your Fund Formation process. We not only take care of your domiciliation process in India, GIFT City, Mauritius, Singapore, Cayman and across the globe, but possess the know-how to go one-step-ahead and manage the backend, holistically.

All in all, we provide you with a one-stop solution for all your fund formation and fund service requirements.

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End-to-end Reporting

Our contemporary approach to digitized reporting ensures we have the capability to bring to you up to 200 standardized reports instantly, while also giving you the option to customize it to your needs. Each report is fully-serviced and accounts for variables from Profit/Loss to Balance Sheet to Regulatory Reporting for India, GIFT City, and Globally. Furthermore, reports are also generated for NAV, fund manager representation, fee structures, regulatory reports, and client reporting, all of which can be generated daily, weekly, monthly, annually and Fortnightly whenever and wherever you need them.

Additionally, reports are prepared using Clarity, Relevance, Reliability and Comparability.

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KYC & Onboarding

Armed with expertise and a digital-first approach, Dovetail helps make your client onboarding process more seamless and efficient. Using world check which is a state-of-the-art AML system, we partake in a diligent background check process across 190 counties to ensure no stone is left unturned in the end-to-end integration of each investor's details. Coupled with systems like world investors, in-house compliance system, and DocuSign. These technologies also help you know the ultimate beneficiary owner and become the one-stop solution for every minute piece of data you need about every investor.

The data is stored in profoundly secured digital and physical formats for each investor, and we ensure it's always accessible with a mere click of a button.

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At Dovetail, our reliance on digitization and automation enables us to make your fund present-ready and future-proof

Valuation of Portfolio

Dovetail employs the Advent Geneva System, whose Multi-Strategy system administers 100% automated calculations to determine the valuation of a portfolio across any asset class and against any global currency. We deliver the most accurate information in real-time and account for all assets - Equity, Derivatives, Commodities, Debt, Structured Debt, Private Equity, SWAPs, Real Estate, other structured notes, and other complex transactions.

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In addition to evaluating the portfolio, we also possess the know-how to give you timely updates on investor expenses including Brokerage Fees, Legal Fees, Admin Fees, and Investment Management Fees. No matter the complication of the system or the fees, our automation ensures every evaluation is completed digitally through our state-of-the-art systems, without room for human intervention.

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Subscriptions & Redemptions

Real time calculations done 100% digitally that account for products, differential pricing and series method of accounting for all subscriptions and redemptions to the fund.

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Our compliance services have been crafted to unriddle the complexities of investing in India and abroad, making it a straightforward, uncomplicated experience for you. We have built an online system that has been customized for us at Dovetail to help take care of all compliances with ease.

Fund Domicile Compliance - India

Dovetail's services cater to all your Indian Compliance needs from coordinating FVCI, FPI registrations and renewals to Foreign Liability & Asset Return. Under the vigilant care of our advisory board, we have cultivated a full-service package that checks all the boxes of Indian Regulatory Compliances, SEBI and RBI, as well as IFSCA, SEZ, and international policies and regulations.

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Fund Raise Compliance – Global

A trusted name globally, Dovetail has secured fund registrations for capital raise in the US (Regulation D), UK (NPPR), Singapore (MAS 305), Canada & Australia for our clients. We are well-equipped to meet your ever-evolving needs for faster set-up, quicker approvals, on-the-go risk assessment and management, and rapid access to international markets.

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Fund Domicile Compliance

Our presence goes beyond traditional borders, allowing us to help you set up and manage a fund in coveted locations like The Cayman Islands, Mauritius, GIFT, UAE (DIFC), Singapore, Bermuda, and more.

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To help you focus on managing the fund, our team works round the clock to meet all your operational and audit requirements. This includes liaising with audit agencies, handling trade confirmations, fund movement and cash management, and employing board and corporate secretarial services as well.

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